Open Lab: Athens (OL:Athens) is an IT support and research capability based in Athens, Greece, and is a Digital Civics initiative of a collective of European Human-Computer Interaction research groups. OL:Athens aims to engage with solidarity structures and the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in Greece in order to design and develop digital systems to facilitate and extend their civic activities and as a result extend the SSE.

This Digital Civics research approach aims to explore an alternative way of doing participatory, action-oriented research through the embedding of researchers in contexts of designed social innovation. The work of OL:Athens attempts to ‘infrastructure’ the already designed social innovation of solidarity movements and the SSE, and draw inspiration for the design and development of digital systems and platforms that could lead to a more socially just society through the dissemination of SSE’s values and practices.

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PosterVote: Expanding the Action Repertoire of Local Political Activism

PosterVote is a new innovative electronic polling system, which aims to provide easy electronic voting for communities, schools and local government. To make the polling system accessible to everyone, PosterVote does not require any technical skills to set up and maintain. By simply creating your desired poster you are almost set to go. Just attach the LED strip to the... Continue reading →


Is Digital Pen and Paper an adequate interface for the SSE?

Through our work with solidarity movements we have observed the difficulty of solidarity economy organisations to keep track of their logistics, from keeping track of who is checking-in social clinics, solidarity schools etc. to managing time bank networks, service exchanges and local informal currencies. These mundane operations are currently being undertaken extraordinarily well considering the conventional and paper-based methods that these structures employ. As... Continue reading →


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